Student Reviews
Florida " Superb lectures! Well Organized. All sections have been a great benefit."
Missouri " Very good - I wish I had had this course eight years ago."
Oklahoma " My reason for being here was to obtain a working knowledge of simulation architecture. Roger and his material made it happen."
Florida " Right on the money! Covers all the key areas!"
Japan " A very good class that kept my interest for three days."
Sweden " Excellent survey of topics required to understand simulation projects."
Holland " Gives you an overview of the whole range of simulation technology."
Norway " Very good and intensive overview."
Virginia " It is a good course for government personnel who have to manage simulation projects."
Washington D.C. " Instructor took a difficult subject and made it understandable."
Massachusetts " A great course I would recomend to others - the instructor was very well versed in a wide range of topics related to M&S. "
New York " Excellent Soup-to-Nuts coverage with enough pointers to additional resources for those who want to explore a specific subject."
North Carolina " Even managers and business developers could use this information."
Florida " Real-life examples made this course ideal for my current needs."
Georgia " Instructor did an excellent job of explaining core ideas through practical examples."
Kansas " Lots of useful information presented in an easy to understand format."
California " Instructor did a superb job."
Alabama " I found the Principles of Modeling extremely beneficial."
Florida " This is a great course for some of my more experienced managers."
Florida " The Principles of Modeling session gave me real insight into the challenges of modeling."
Alabama " The Principles of Modeling lecture was the best - very helpful for my Operations Research background."
California " A very thorough, detailed coverage of the fundamentals of simulation."
Oklahoma " We plan to send two more employees to the next class."
Florida " Mr. Smith's knowledge of the material is exceptional.  His teaching technique enhances learning and understanding of a difficult subject."
Massachusetts " Instructor was a dynamic speaker."