Real Education

No one gets a really good education in college classes. The really useful stuff comes from the least likely places.

Karate Class
A 6th degree black belt can and will kick you into next week.
Get used to bruises, anything broken will mend.
Show a little mercy to those of lower rank than you.
Scuba Diving
Sharks are very scarce in the ocean and would prefer more tasty prey.
Therefore, do not worry about the sharks, enjoy the pretty fish.
Teaching College Mathematics
If you really try, it is possible to make the subject interesting enough that students will show up for a 7:30AM class.
Also, if you throw chalk at the students they will throw it back at you.
Cubicle Life
Someone in the organization is secretly measuring your cubicle to make sure you do not have more space than you deserve. If you move your cubicle walls, vandals will put them back where they belong in the middle of the night.
Don't Be a Zeke
Pack rats who save all the code, documentation, and reports from old projects are weighted down by the past and can not be promoted into the future.
Technical Writing
Writing is a 3-step process: "Pre-Write", "The Write", and "Re-Write".
Documents done in one step are unreadable and useless.
Speed Reading
Reading requires an investment of time. You should invest based on how much you expect to learn, not based on the number of pages the author wrote.
That is why you can read a 500 page book in 1 hour, while a 20 page article may take 1 week.
Kindergarten Pocket Knife
Pocket knives are really neat, but you should not take one to kindergarden unless you want the teacher to keep it for the rest of the year.
Throwing Rocks
If you throw rocks at the neighbor kids you might hit them.
Florida Living
Millions of people retire to Florida for a good reason.
Why not move there early.