Papers & Publications

All of my recently published papers are available in some digital form.  However, I was writing papers before there was a Web and I did not always save a digital version of the work.  Also, some works are presentations that do not make any sense without the voice track that goes with them.

The Simulation Encyclopedia, Mystech Associates, Editor, 1996.

This encyclopedia is a collection of about 40 papers on all the important aspects of simulation.  Many are the seminal papers that all simulation scientists should read. Every company should create and distribute one of these in their specific technology areas. 

"Simulation: A Gentle Introduction", Simulation Digest, September, 1997.

A reprint of the simulation article I wrote for the 1998 edition of the Encyclopedia of Computer Science.  This put the paper into the hands of  simulation educatators and practitioners as well as the general computer science communities.

"Introduction to Domain Engineering", 17th Georgia Tech Course on Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming of Warfare, September, 1996.

Describes the ideas of domain architectures and simulation system architectures that were just emerging at the time.  The ideas are similar to those described in my OOPSLA paper, which is on the web.

"Techniques for Simulation Interoperability", 16th Georgia Tech Course on Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming of Warfare, September, 1995.

An introduction to all the techniques that have been used for simulation interoperability from sneaker-net to HLA.

"Airborne Reconnaissance Models in the Tactical Simulation System", DARO/AF-XOM Airborne Reconnaissance Modeling and Simulation Symposium, September, 1994.

When DARO started working in simulation they sponsored a symposium with all of the intelligence models they could find in the DOD inventory.

"Immediate Feedback on Training Performance", Proceedings of Orlando Multimedia, February, 1994.

Describes the effects and primal importance of feedback as part of the training experience.

"Automated Intelligence Analysis and Enhanced Sensor Models", Symposium on Intelligence Applications of Modeling and Simulation, November, 1993.

Covers the new model capabilities added to the TACSIM system from 1991-1993.  This symposium spread the information to the broader intelligence simulation community.

"Virtual Reality Merges with Battle Simulation", Signal, August, 1993.

Described experiments and ideas for mixing virtual reality with staff level constructive simulations.
This paper was nominated for the AFCEA Sparky Baird Award in 1993.

"Applications of a Universal Data Analysis and Repository System in Military Simulations", SCS Simulation MultiConference Proceedings, March, 1993.

Describes the After Action Review system developed for TACSIM and its applications in military training exercises.

"The Mathematics of Computer Simulation for Educators", Fort Worth Math and Science Teachers Workshop, November, 1991.

Presented practical examples of mathematics in the defense industry.  This workshop equips middle school math and science teachers with real world examples to use in their classrooms.  The slides show the use of geometry in calculating the ingress route and attack profile of an F-16 bombing a bridge.

"Multi-Simulation Software Interfaces", Software Technology Conference Proceedings, July, 1990.

Describes a project to join two very different simulations so they could work together in real time.